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ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

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  • Introducing the affordable, flexible mobile broadband from ZTE with the ZTE MF60. The 3G wireless access point allows multiple users to access the internet anywhere, anytime. With a 4-5 hour rechargeable battery this is truly a multi-purpose broadband access device that can be used either in or out of the office or home. Ideal for connection to both laptops and WiFi enabled devices and with download speeds of up to 21.6Mbps, this is a future-proof option for all Internet users. Low costs enable the device to be easily bundled with a data contract for customers.

    Display:OLED screen, indication of signal strength, Roam status, Wi-Fi, battery, WAN Connection mode and status, SPN,etc 
    Memory: 128MB 
    RAM: 64MB 
    Battery: 1500mAh 
    Connectivity: HSPA+: DL 21.6Mb/s  UL 5.76Mb/s 


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  • ZTE MF60 Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot User Manual


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